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sustainable fashion internships

sustainable fashion internships


If you’re interested in sustainable fashion, eco-brands may be the best option for you. Eco-brands usually prioritize sustainability over everything else, which means that they are usually made from natural materials such as organic cotton and recycled fabrics. Many of them are also fair trade or handmade in developing countries where workers earn a living wage.

Eco-friendly fashion brands have come up with creative solutions to reduce the amount of waste they produce while making their clothing. For example, some brands use biodegradable materials instead of plastic packaging when shipping their products internationally—which is good news for marine life! Other companies make all types of garments (from jeans to dresses) out of recycled plastic bottles found on beaches around the world through an initiative called “Ocean Plastic.” This means that every time someone buys something made by one of these designers they’re helping save our oceans at no extra cost!


Eco-Age is an Italian company, focused on sustainability consultancy. Eco-Age has offices in London and Milan, and a team of 15 people. They are run by the Chiappini brothers who have previously worked for Gucci and Prada; their knowledge of the fashion industry has helped them create Eco-Age’s unique approach to sustainability.

Fashion Revolution

Fashion Revolution is a global movement that encourages us to ask the question “Who made my clothes?” The campaign was born out of a social media conversation about sustainability in the fashion industry. As this conversation grew, it became clear that there was an appetite for change in the sector, but also a lack of information about how to access it.

Fashion Revolution’s mission is to provide transparency around supply chains and encourage brands and individuals alike to think about their impact on people and planet by making conscious decisions around what we buy, sell or wear.

Good On You

Good On You

Good On You was founded in 2015 by Sarah Corbett and Clare Press and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia. The company connects consumers and brands to help them make ethical and sustainable choices. It provides an online fashion brand rating system that rates each brand on its sustainability efforts, including materials used and labor conditions.

Global Fashion Exchange

GFX is a nonprofit organization that supports the global fashion industry and its sustainability. Their main mission is to promote sustainable fashion through the use of education, events, and volunteering programs.

GFX organizes clothing swap events around the world; they also run an internship program. The internships are unpaid but offer valuable experience in all aspects of sustainability in fashion: marketing, product development, etc. If you’re interested in working with them as an intern or volunteer (they also accept donations), apply here!


Indie brands are smaller than eco-brands and may have a more limited budget for sustainability initiatives. However, this does not mean that they are not focusing on the same concerns. In fact, some indie designers put all of their energy into creating products that are 100% sustainable or that use recycled materials. If you’re looking to work with a company that has a more personal tone and creative clothing options, you might find an indie brand better suits your interests.

Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a fashion brand that believes in creating sustainable, responsible clothing. They’re on a mission to make sustainable fashion mainstream by working with eco-friendly materials and fabrics. In addition to using organic cotton, they don’t use toxic dyes or synthetic fibers in any of their products. Amour Vert is also a certified B-Corporation, meaning that they’ve been recognized by the nonprofit organization B Lab for meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, accountability and transparency.

Amour Vert was founded in San Francisco by CEO Ghislaine Stigler in 2001 after she became disillusioned with conventional fast fashion brands like H&M and Zara after learning about their unsustainable practices. The company’s first collection was made from recycled plastic bottles! Today it sells its products at over 1,000 retail locations worldwide including Anthropologie stores in the U.S., Nordstrom stores overseas, as well as its own ecommerce site called


ELLEAURA is a sustainable fashion brand that produces luxury clothing and accessories. ELLEAURA’s goal is to make every piece in their collection as sustainable as possible, using natural materials like organic cotton, linen and silk. Their interns are involved in all aspects of the business from design to sales.

Internships at ELLEAURA are available in Copenhagen, Denmark for 3-6 months during which interns work closely with the team on various projects that help grow their business and gain valuable experience working within an international company. Interns receive an allowance of DKK 5500 per month (approximately $900 USD).


Sabina Skaarup is a company based in Copenhagen that produces sustainable fashion. They use recycled materials to create their products, which are always eco-friendly and animal friendly.

Their mission statement is “to make ethical fashion available for all”. They believe that everyone should be able to wear high-quality clothes without having to worry about how they were made or where they came from.

They value sustainability and transparency above all else, so you can rest assured that your internship will be completely ethical and environmentally friendly.

The internship program varies depending on the season, but there are always opportunities available throughout the year!

Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney is a brand that focuses on sustainable fashion. They use organic cotton and natural dyes, as well as the highest-quality materials. Stella McCartney internships are based out of London, so you’ll be able to work at their headquarters in central London. The types of internships you can apply for include:

  • Design Internship—Designers create the look and feel of Stella’s collections by using their creativity and expertise to conceptualize new designs for clothes and shoes. Design interns will also work with pattern makers, cutters and sewers on sample making during this internship program.
  • Marketing Internship—Marketers help promote the brand by attending events such as Fashion Week or awards ceremonies on behalf of the company; they can also assist with social media marketing campaigns or other promotional activities depending on what their goals are within the company at any given time during their tenure there

Internships in sustainable fashion are available through different organizations around the world.

Internships in sustainable fashion are available through different organizations around the world. To find the best fit, you’ll want to do some research and make sure that your internship fits your needs. If you’re looking for an internship that will help you develop skills in a particular industry or give you hands-on experience with a specific company, there are plenty of places to find those opportunities online.

Find internships online by searching for “sustainable fashion” or other related terms along with your city or country name. You can also search using general keywords such as “internships” and “internships abroad.”

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