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tech internships for international students

tech internships for international students

Here are five popular tech internships for international students.

Here are five popular tech internships for international students:

  • Google Summer of Code, a prestigious program that offers students stipends to write code for open source software projects.
  • Microsoft Internship offers three internship programs to both current students and recent graduates. They also have a 12-week program called “Explore Microsoft, which is an opportunity for first-year college students who are from underrepresented backgrounds to explore careers in technology.
  • Adobe Internship offers full-time college internships at locations across the US during summer or winter terms. They offer internships in fields like data science and engineering, computer science, product design, marketing, sales and business operations.
  • Facebook Internship Program has internship opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students as well as candidates who recently graduated from colleges/universities or high school. The internships span across various departments such as software engineering, marketing, finance, legal and more.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internship Program is geared towards exceptional undergraduates and graduate students pursuing degrees in computer science. As part of their AWS Training & Certification team’s mission to democratize cloud computing skills development worldwide through innovative digital learning content enablement programs, they are seeking interns that can help improve their existing training content while developing new content on emerging technologies.
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Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code is a program that allows college students to intern at the tech giant for $7,500. Participants get guidance from an on-site mentor and submit biweekly progress reports. To apply, you must be 18 years or older, be enrolled in school (for at least part of the program), and be accepted into one of the participating organizations. More information is available on this website:

Here’s how you can use your GSoC experience to land a career after graduation:

  • Network by working with a mentor: This person can give advice about succeeding in the tech industry, such as what companies are hiring and how to navigate internal company politics for advancement. Your mentor may also know of people who are looking for new employees, which could lead to recommendations or intros at other companies.
  • Learn new programming languages: GSoC projects require applicants to have skills in certain languages (e.g., C++ or Java). If you don’t already know these languages, it’s an opportunity to learn them so that you can show them off during job interviews and discussions with recruiters later on!

Microsoft Internship

In an effort to open the world of technology and make a difference in the way that we think, Microsoft has set up an internship program for international students. These internships are designed to help students build valuable skill sets and experience during their time in Canada.

  • Interns are selected through a rigorous application process that includes screening for English language proficiency and academic standing; social integration and cultural sensitivity; emotional maturity; motivation; financial capability, including ability to contribute to the cost of living in Canada; technical aptitude (Microsoft software); work ethic (ability to demonstrate professional presence, integrity, respect and courtesy towards co-workers); creative problem solving abilities; professional appearance (appearance is not just about getting work done); and personal qualities (demonstrated maturity). The internship lasts one year, but can be extended should there be mutual agreement by both parties.
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Adobe Internship

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Facebook Internship

Facebook is an excellent place to work: the company’s mission is to give people the power to build community and bring the world closer together. As an intern, you’ll be matched with a manager and mentor who will help you navigate your experience at Facebook, as well as support you in achieving your personal and professional goals. The program offers plenty of opportunities for networking, mentorship, community building, and socializing—all while working on real projects that will impact their business.

If you love tackling new challenges every day, are interested in working on cutting-edge technology issues (like how we can make sure our amazing AR/VR products feel comfortable to everyone), or have a passion for solving problems that affect billions of people around the world—then this might just be your dream internship!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Internship Program

The AWS Internship Program is available to high school students and university undergraduates. It is a summer internship program that takes place for 10 weeks between June and August, depending on when your semester finishes.

To be considered, you must submit an application that includes résumé/CV, transcripts, and a cover letter. You will also be required to complete an assessment test as part of the application process.

If accepted into the program, you will work in one of Amazon’s offices around the world (check their website for the full list). You will get hands-on experience working with technologies such as cloud computing, data storage and machine learning. You’ll also work on projects related to Amazon products like Alexa (Amazon’s voice assistant), Prime Air (Amazon’s drone delivery service) and more!

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In addition to getting valuable hands-on experience, interns are paid competitively for their roles – typically around $4,500 per month or $55k per year – which means you should have some money left over after paying your rent at a WeWork location!

Learn about the top five tech internships for international students in the USA.

  • [Facebook’s FbStart]( Park, CA)
  • [Microsoft’s Explore Program](, WA)
  • [Google’s Summer Internship](!internship-opportunities)(Mountain View, CA)
  • [Twitter Flight Academy]( Francisco, CA)
  • [Amazon Summer Internship Program]( (Seattle, WA)

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