The Comcast Technology Internship Program

The Comcast Technology Internship Program

Undergraduate students can join the Comcast Technology Internship Program. The program will allow students to develop their technical skills and overall professional development while working with various systems engineering teams within the business units. It will involve nights and weekends and requires participants to be flexible in their schedules. Students must be willing to work overtime when needed. The program is open to students who are pursuing a degree in computer science or related fields.

Comcast Center Internship program

The Comcast Center Internship is an 11-week summer internship program for college students with a minimum GPA of 3.2. Students in this program will develop business skills and gain exposure to a Fortune 40 media company. Priorities of the program include business services, data and business analytics, and management and operations. Comcast also hosts workshops, networking events, and speaker series. Interns will be mentored by Comcast employees and have the opportunity to meet Comcast Intern Alumni.

Students in the Comcast Technology Internship Program can work in one of its three Philadelphia locations. COM-SYOP participants will attend classes at a Parkside Comcast center, a Wayne Avenue Comcast center, or a Northeast Philadelphia Comcast center. Students are required to attend school for four days each week. The program is accredited by the School District of Philadelphia and all costs are covered. This program is designed to provide students with practical hands-on training in emerging technologies.

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Comcast FIRST Robotics Internship program

The Comcast FIRST Robotics Internship Program is a unique opportunity for college students to work in the robotics field and gain valuable hands-on experience. The internship provides students with real-world exposure to day-to-day operations and is part of a Fortune 50 media and technology company. This internship is available to students who are in their junior year of their undergraduate degree. It is an excellent opportunity for students who have strong business and interpersonal skills, but do not have a college degree.

The Comcast FIRST Robotics Internship Program is an intensive 6-week program that allows students to get a firsthand look at a Fortune 40 company. Besides providing hands-on experience, students also develop relationships and business skills with other interns and employees at the company. The internship also provides students with a unique opportunity for mentorship with Comcast employees and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. Additionally, the program provides students with base pay and Total Rewards.

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