Top Second Stage Internships

Top Second Stage Internships

Are you interested in doing a second-stage internship? If so, here are some helpful tips:

Duties of a Scenic Carpentry Intern

For those looking for a career in scenic carpentry, an internship at ROH is an excellent option. During this four-month internship, you will work alongside the ROH carpentry workshop staff and apprentices. Your responsibilities include helping to make scenery, applying different materials to it, and keeping up to date with latest scenery-making techniques. You will also be expected to take responsibility for maintaining the scenic elements and performing routine cleaning.

As a Scenic Carpenter, you will work with metalwork and timber to build and install scenery in the theater. You’ll learn the proper way to operate a counterweight fly house and assist with the set build. You will also learn the day-to-day functions of the Technical Theatre. The internship will help you gain practical experience while advancing your skills in a challenging environment.

Duties of a Marketing Intern

As a marketing intern, you’ll often be given menial tasks to do. You’ll be responsible for data entry, running errands, and other tasks to learn about the business. As a junior marketing associate, you’ll likely be given more responsibility. You may also be assigned to write content for the company’s blog or create a product explainer. However, as you progress, your duties will expand and become more important.

During your internship, you’ll be expected to research competitor marketing and evaluate digital content. You’ll also be expected to contribute to the creation of email campaigns, social media content, and mockups. Marketing interns may also be required to work under the supervision of an associate to gain experience in the field. A good marketing intern is driven and hungry for knowledge. They’ll also be proficient with the latest technology, understand how to prepare reports, and know how to use different software programs to analyze data.

In addition to a formal education, marketing interns may also seek to earn certifications. The American Marketing Association offers the Professional Certified Marketer certification. To get this, you must complete coursework, take an exam, and become a member of the association. You can also obtain marketing internship jobs through referrals or a website. While internships are rarely financially rewarding, they can lead to future employment opportunities.

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Duties of a Box Office and Subscription Manager

The Box Office and Subscription Manager is responsible for managing the subscription sales for a theatre company or a musical production. The manager has several responsibilities that range from preparing subscription sales confirmation letters and newsletters to maintaining accurate and timely records of subscription sales and customer service. In addition to managing sales, the role also entails managing customer service and maintaining subscriber lists in the box office software. Depending on the organization, the role may be combined with a role as the Box Office Manager.

Regardless of the role’s specific duties, a box office manager must be organized, prioritize tasks, and delegate responsibilities. They should have excellent customer service skills to deal with patrons and resolve their concerns. This skill will help them build a positive reputation and encourage repeat business. They must also be able to interact effectively with all team members. As a box office manager, you will need to have good communication skills and be able to work closely with the production team.

Adaptability of students

Career adaptability is a key competency in the workplace, but there is little research to support its development in undergraduate students. Although students have to undergo a number of tasks during their internship, their conscientiousness can influence the degree to which they develop career adaptability. The study found that conscientiousness and internship participation significantly influenced the development of career adaptability in students. The results of this study will be of interest to vocational scholars and career counsellors.

The first step in understanding the adaptive abilities of students during second stage internships is to examine the characteristics of different subgroups of students. Students in high adapting profiles reported higher levels of self-study and effort than those in the lowest-adapting profile. Among students in the lowest adapting profile, students cited a general mismatch between on-site and online experiences with PBL. This negatively impacted their overall attitude.

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Steppenwolf’s partnership with Seattle University

The School at Steppenwolf is a 10-week residency program for professional actors. Interns will assist in daily operations, such as classroom set-up and preparation, copying materials for students, and communicating business to instructors. Interns also attend weekly ensemble meetings. Interested students should submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of recommendation. Applicants will also participate in long-term projects.

Those interested in working with the company will learn how to use a variety of ticketing systems and refine administrative skills. They will also serve as a liaison between the production team and a variety of stakeholders. An internship in this department will also provide them with valuable exposure to sales-based analytical tools. Interested students should submit a cover letter, resume, and two letters of recommendation online.

Interns will assist the artistic director with administrative tasks, such as responding to submissions and planning upcoming productions. Their responsibilities will also include managing the New Works library, attending rehearsals, previewing performances, and completing clerical work. Interns will also be required to perform errands and general correspondence, so they should be responsible for keeping themselves organized and focused.

Artistic Internships

There are several opportunities to gain artistic experience with Second Stage Theatre Company. An intern will support the artistic director with administrative duties, such as handling correspondence, organizing events, and reading scripts for upcoming productions. This internship will also provide exposure to long-term planning processes and administrative and production paperwork. To apply, please submit a cover letter and resume. Two letters of recommendation are required. If you have artistic talent, your portfolio should include writing samples and a personal statement.

For the application process, candidates should submit a professional resume, a 500-word personal statement, and two letters of recommendation. Interns are assigned to teams alternating between the Owen Bruner Theatre and the Albert Ivar Goodman Theatre. They will assist in technical rehearsals and opening night. If selected, interns will be required to work alongside union stage managers and receive valuable hands-on experience. This is an excellent way to gain valuable experience in a fast-paced industry.

Marketing Internships

A marketing internship with Second Stage is an incredible opportunity to gain valuable skills and knowledge about the Broadway industry. In this internship, you will assist in the development of sales strategies and marketing materials. You will also interact with high-profile clients, creatives, and performers, and contribute to various marketing projects. Interested candidates should submit a resume and cover letter to be considered for this internship. Interested candidates should also indicate their interest in community outreach to maximize their potential for the internship.

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When searching for a marketing internship, look for an internship that gives you ownership of the campaign. The more specific the job description, the better, as general postings may lead to menial work. A marketing internship where you’ve taken the lead on a specific campaign is a valuable asset in a resume and can make a big impact in an interview. In addition, it will make a lasting impression on the hiring manager.

Audience Services Internships

Audience Services Internships for Second Screen offer opportunities in both marketing and administrative roles. Marketing interns help to oversee the company’s public relations and publicity efforts. Duties include writing and fielding press requests, logging script submissions, supervising photographers at performances, and comp reconciliation. They will also conduct research and attend internal meetings. They will also learn about accessibility training. The ideal candidate will dedicate five to ten hours per week to the position.

The Producing Intern will assist the Director of New Works with administrative tasks, such as reading new musicals, assisting with auditions, and preparing scripts for upcoming shows. They will also assist with daily operations, including scheduling auditions for upcoming productions, completing administrative and production paperwork, and general correspondence. The internship can be a part-time or full-time position, with the possibility of evening and weekend hours.

For these internships, candidates must submit a resume, two letters of recommendation, and an essay about their interests. The positions are paid and include a stipend. You will learn about the technical rehearsal process from professional union stage managers. In addition to this, you will be actively involved in every aspect of the production. Once you are hired, you will need to submit a professional resume and a cover letter.

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