uk marketing internships

uk marketing internships

What kind of marketing internships are there?

There are many types of marketing internships. Some will pay you, and some won’t. Some require little to no experience, while others want someone who has already worked as a full-time marketer for a few years.

The most common types include:

  • Paid internships—These can be found in just about every industry and at both entry-level and senior levels. Sometimes there’s a formal application process, sometimes the company simply accepts all applicants who fit the job description without consideration for whether they’ve paid their dues yet or not (this sometimes leads to an influx of students who have no business being in marketing but are desperate for any kind of work experience). Interns also may be required to work full time instead of part time (or even less than full time), so it’s important that you understand how much commitment is required before applying or accepting an offer from one of these companies.

Paid marketing internships

Paid marketing internships are more common in the UK than they are in other countries, but they’re still not as widespread as they are here. If you want the best chances of finding a paid internship, look for opportunities in London or other big cities. If your dream is to work at a start-up or smaller company, then make sure that they have enough funding to pay an intern before applying!

Paid internships can be longer than unpaid ones—sometimes as long as three months rather than two weeks—and also tend to be more competitive. In some cases, companies may only offer paid internships if your skillset matches what they need for their current projects; this means that even if you’re doing well during your first few weeks on the job (and thus making yourself stand out), it’s possible that someone else will get hired instead because their skillset is more relevant.

Marketing internships in London

London is a great city for marketing internships. There are many opportunities throughout the city that can help you gain valuable skills and experience.

If you’re looking for an internship with a large company, try companies like Google or IBM. For smaller businesses, consider applying to companies such as Facebook or Twitter who have offices in the UK capital. You could also try applying for an internship at one of London’s many news publications; The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph both offer internships year-round. And don’t forget about the public sector—many government departments hire interns on a regular basis as well!

What are the benefits to taking a marketing internship?

  • You can gain experience in a variety of areas.
  • You can learn more about the industry.
  • You can learn more about yourself.
  • You can make some money.
  • You can get a full-time job after graduating, or even if you’re still studying for your degree!

How do I find an internship in the UK?

To find an internship in the UK, you should start by looking for opportunities online. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these websites:

  • E4S (Employment for Students). This site is geared more toward students than other sites that have general listings of internships available across the country. However, if your university has a partnership with them then they may have more specific information about what internships are available at each institution and how to apply. They also provide job search advice and resources if you’re still studying but looking for work experience before graduating from university or college in the UK

You can find the paid or unpaid marketing internship that is right for you.

If you are looking for a marketing internship, there are many options available. Some companies may have paid internships, while others will offer unpaid positions. There are also many different types of internships available that focus on specific areas of marketing: advertising, public relations and communications, sales & retail marketing, and more.

Some internships are open-ended positions where you can work with the company over a longer period of time if desired. Others will have set terms (such as 3 months) and salaries attached to them—you can find these positions within larger companies that usually employ interns during busy seasons or high volume times of year.

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