Wellesley College Summer Internships

Wellesley College Summer Internships

Aditi Abhayakumar ’21 was about to begin a six-week internship at a Japanese company when the COVID-19 pandemic forced her to cancel her trip. Instead of letting her dream internship go to waste, she turned to her Wellesley alumnae network. She met Jiezhen Wu ’13 at a reunion and has remained in touch with her on Facebook. These days, she works as the executive director of The Hidden Good, a nonprofit organization in Singapore that spreads good news.

Aditi Abhayakumar is a project executive at The Hidden Good

The COVID-19 pandemic forced Aditi Abhayakumar, ’21, to postpone a summer internship in Japan, and she immediately turned to her Wellesley network for help. Abhayakumar met Jiezhen Wu ’13 at a Wellesley reunion and stayed in touch with her via Facebook. Today, Abhayakumar works as the executive director at The Hidden Good, an organization that promotes good news in Singapore.

Hive Internship Projects are short-term, virtual internship experiences

While completing Hive Internship Projects, you will gain a range of skills. The projects you undertake can range from a social media strategy for a healthcare start-up to developing web and print materials for a food bank. Whatever you choose, your internship should help you develop skills and experience you can use when pursuing a career. Listed below are some of the types of projects you can participate in.

Hive Internship Projects are designed to complement paid internships by providing students with professional experience and guidance. These projects are available to first and second-year Wellesley students, and are designed to provide significant educational benefits. The project should align with students’ early college career goals and have a clear goal. For international students, participating in the Summer HIPs program is not possible if CPT is not applied for.

Ingrid’s hive ran during upheaval at her parent organization, and she faced several cancellations due to space constraints. However, she’s proud of her hive’s achievements. It resulted in new friendships and musical interest amongst young participants, and even a conscious hip hop track! And all of these outcomes are without a doubt rewarding.

Virtual internships require technology. Whether you’re using a Skype call to communicate with the virtual intern or sending a daily message, technology is vital to keep things moving. Make sure you communicate regularly with the virtual intern, and let them know what they’ll be expected to do each day. Moreover, communicate about the working hours, timezones, and responsibilities. It’s crucial to set expectations early and often during your virtual internship.

Sponsors provide compensation

The Wellesley College summer internship program is supported by sponsors who offer financial assistance to students. Students apply for these stipends as long as they are in financial need. The grants are not intended to cover living expenses, and cannot serve as an hourly wage. The Wellesley Grants Program is supported by approximately three dozen donor-endowed funds and gifts that support unpaid internships for students. The internships are available to students in all career sectors, class years, and geographical regions.

The amount of compensation for these work-study jobs varies, but most students earn around $2,000 from this type of job during the academic year. The average student works for eight to ten hours a week. Most students use this money to cover personal expenses. These earnings are not credited to their Wellesley student account. However, they are great opportunities to gain real-world experience while completing an internship.

The number of internships and sponsors available to students is often limited, but the pay is good. Internships at Wellesley College typically last for three months and are designed to give students experience in a specific area of the field. While internships may take a few months to complete, the money is worth it in the long run. Sponsors provide compensation for wedding planner Wellesley College summer internships, so they are an excellent opportunity for students.

While the financial assistance for wedding planner Wellesley College summer internship programs is paid through student loans, it is not guaranteed. However, sponsors generally provide compensation for the internship program, and this compensation is dependent on the location of the internship. Sponsors also provide compensation for travel expenses, a common part of an internship. It is also helpful to remember that travel expenses will vary by student’s residence.

In addition to internships, the college also offers scholarships and financial assistance programs. In addition to financial aid, Wellesley College summer internships are available for a variety of majors. There are no specific requirements for graduation, although most students will earn a higher degree than they would have without these scholarships. Some programs, like photography and event planning, offer full-time job training. If you’re interested in applying for an internship, please contact a college representative for more details.

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