What Act Score Is Needed For University Of Arkansas

When applying to the University of Arkansas, one crucial factor that students need to consider is their ACT score. The ACT (American College Test) is a standardized test that assesses a student’s readiness for college-level education. Universities often use ACT scores as part of their admissions criteria to evaluate applicants. In this article, we will discuss the ACT score requirements for admission to the University of Arkansas and provide guidance on how to achieve a competitive score.

Understanding the University of Arkansas’s Admissions Process

Before delving into ACT score requirements, it is essential to understand the University of Arkansas’s admissions process. The university evaluates applicants based on a holistic approach, taking into account various factors in addition to test scores. These factors may include high school GPA, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal essays. While ACT scores hold significance, they are not the sole determinant for admission.

ACT Score Range for the University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas considers the composite ACT score when assessing applicants. The composite score is the average of the four individual test scores: English, mathematics, reading, and science. Here are the ACT score requirements for different categories at the University of Arkansas:

Honors College

  • ACT Composite Score: 32-36
  • A strong ACT score is particularly important for admission to the prestigious Honors College at the University of Arkansas. Applicants with scores in the top range have a competitive advantage during the admissions process.

General Admission

  • ACT Composite Score: 23-31
  • The majority of applicants fall into this category. A composite score within this range demonstrates a solid academic foundation and increases the chances of admission.

Conditional Admission

  • ACT Composite Score: Below 23
  • Students with an ACT score below 23 may still be considered for conditional admission. In such cases, the university may require additional documentation or offer conditional admission with specific academic support programs.

Preparing for the ACT

Achieving a competitive ACT score requires dedicated preparation and practice. Here are some tips to help you prepare effectively:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the test structure: Understand the format, timing, and scoring of each section of the ACT.
  2. Take practice tests: Use official ACT practice tests or reputable online resources to simulate the actual testing conditions.
  3. Identify strengths and weaknesses: Assess your performance in each section to determine areas where you need improvement.
  4. Develop a study plan: Create a study schedule that allows you to allocate sufficient time for each subject and focus on your weak areas.
  5. Seek guidance: Consider enrolling in ACT prep courses or working with a tutor who can provide personalized guidance and support.
  6. Practice time management: The ACT is a timed test, so practicing under timed conditions will help improve your pacing and ensure you complete each section within the allotted time.
  7. Review content areas: Brush up on essential concepts and skills in English, mathematics, reading, and science through textbooks, online resources, or study guides.
  8. Utilize online resources: Access online platforms that offer practice questions, video tutorials, and other helpful materials to supplement your preparation.
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Scholarships and ACT Scores

In addition to meeting the ACT score requirements for admission, achieving a higher score can also open up opportunities for scholarships at the University of Arkansas. The university offers merit-based scholarships that consider a student’s ACT score as one of the determining factors. Here are some of the scholarship ranges based on ACT scores:

  • Chancellor’s Scholarship:
    • ACT Composite Score: 34-36
    • This scholarship is the most prestigious at the University of Arkansas and is highly competitive. Students with exceptional ACT scores in the top range have a greater chance of being awarded this scholarship.
  • Bodenhamer Fellowship:
    • ACT Composite Score: 32-33
    • This fellowship recognizes outstanding academic achievements, including a strong ACT score. Students falling within this score range have an increased opportunity for this scholarship.
  • Silas Hunt Scholarship:
    • ACT Composite Score: 30-31
    • This scholarship is awarded to students who have demonstrated exceptional academic abilities, leadership qualities, and a commitment to diversity. An ACT score in this range can enhance your chances of receiving the Silas Hunt Scholarship.
  • Achievement Scholarship:
    • ACT Composite Score: 27-29
    • This scholarship acknowledges students who have demonstrated commendable academic achievements. Having an ACT score within this range can make you eligible for this scholarship.

It’s important to note that scholarship opportunities may have additional requirements beyond ACT scores, such as GPA, class rank, extracurricular involvement, or essays. Therefore, it’s advisable to review the specific scholarship criteria and application process to maximize your chances of receiving financial aid.

Retaking the ACT

If you feel that your ACT score does not meet the University of Arkansas’s requirements or if you aim to improve your score for scholarship considerations, you may consider retaking the ACT. Here are some factors to keep in mind:

  • Score Improvement: Before retaking the ACT, evaluate your previous test performance and determine if you have the potential to improve your score significantly. Review your test results and identify areas where you can make the most gains.
  • Preparation: Dedicate sufficient time to study and prepare for the test. Utilize the strategies mentioned earlier, such as taking practice tests, identifying weaknesses, and seeking guidance.
  • Test Dates: Check the ACT website for upcoming test dates and registration deadlines. Plan your study schedule accordingly to give yourself ample time to prepare.
  • Score Choice: The University of Arkansas participates in ACT Score Choice, which means you can select which ACT scores to submit. This allows you to submit only your highest scores, potentially increasing your chances of admission and scholarships.
  • Consideration of Multiple Scores: The University of Arkansas considers your highest ACT composite score for admission and scholarship purposes. Therefore, even if you take the ACT multiple times, the university will evaluate your application based on your best score.
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It’s crucial to keep in mind that some colleges and universities superscore ACT scores, meaning they consider the highest scores from each section across multiple test dates. Confirm with the University of Arkansas if they employ superscoring to optimize your chances.

Additional Factors in the Admissions Process

While ACT scores are an important consideration for admission to the University of Arkansas, it’s essential to recognize that they are just one component of the holistic evaluation process. The university takes into account several other factors when reviewing applications. Here are some additional aspects considered during the admissions process:

High School GPA and Class Rank

The University of Arkansas considers the applicant’s high school GPA and class rank to assess their academic performance and potential. A strong GPA and a high class rank demonstrate consistency and success in coursework throughout high school.

Extracurricular Activities and Leadership

The university values involvement in extracurricular activities and leadership roles as they indicate a well-rounded individual who actively contributes to their community. Participation in clubs, sports, community service, or other organizations can positively impact the admissions decision.

Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation provide insight into an applicant’s character, academic abilities, and potential for success in college. Strong letters from teachers, counselors, or mentors who know the applicant well can bolster their application.

Personal Essays or Statements

Personal essays or statements allow applicants to showcase their unique qualities, experiences, goals, and aspirations. Well-written essays can demonstrate strong communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and a genuine passion for learning.

Demonstrated Interest

The University of Arkansas may consider an applicant’s demonstrated interest in attending the university. This can include attending information sessions, campus visits, or engaging with university representatives at college fairs.


In conclusion, when considering admission to the University of Arkansas, it is important to understand the ACT score requirements for different admission categories and scholarship opportunities. While the university places significance on ACT scores, they also consider other factors such as GPA, extracurricular activities, and essays during the holistic evaluation process.

Here are the key points to remember:

  • The University of Arkansas evaluates applicants based on a holistic approach, considering various factors in addition to ACT scores.
  • The ACT score requirements for admission to the University of Arkansas vary based on the specific category, with different ranges for Honors College, General Admission, and Conditional Admission.
  • Achieving a higher ACT score can also open up opportunities for scholarships at the University of Arkansas.
  • To prepare for the ACT, familiarize yourself with the test structure, take practice tests, identify strengths and weaknesses, develop a study plan, seek guidance, practice time management, and review content areas.
  • If you’re not satisfied with your ACT score, you may consider retaking the test while keeping in mind factors such as score improvement, preparation, test dates, score choice, and consideration of multiple scores.
  • It’s important to recognize that ACT scores are just one component of the admissions process. High school GPA, class rank, extracurricular activities, letters of recommendation, and personal essays also play a significant role.
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By understanding the ACT score requirements and considering the holistic admissions process at the University of Arkansas, you can work towards achieving a competitive score and presenting a well-rounded application. Remember to stay focused, dedicated, and showcase your unique strengths throughout the application process. Good luck in your journey towards admission to the University of Arkansas!

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