Which internship is best for cse students

Which internship is best for cse students

internships for cse students

  • Google, Facebook and Microsoft are the most sought after companies for Computer Science students.
  • The best places to work in IT industry as a programmer include Amazon and LinkedIn (Alphabet is a great place for software development if you have the right skillset).
  • The pay at these companies might be lower than what you will be paid at Apple or Google. However, it gives you tremendous opportunities to learn new things! You can even start your own company with some of them!

internships for cse students in india

An internship is important for computer science students.

How to apply: Many companies offer internships, but there are some specific things you should look out for when finding the right one.

Top companies providing internship: Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon

best internships for cse students

There are a multitude of internships and companies that provide training and resources for CSE students. There are different internship opportunities for CSE students throughout the country, as well as across the world. Some of these internships may be paid or unpaid and have participating companies in both India, as well as abroad. The following is a list of companies providing internships to CSE students:

  • Google Summer Internship Program
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Every summer, Google offers college students from all around the world an opportunity to work with them at one of their offices. This program offers a chance to work on many different projects, along with full time Google engineers and other interns. Some experience in programming languages like Java or Python is helpful, but not required.

  • Amazon Research Interns Program

If you’re interested in doing research at Amazon then this internship would be perfect for you if you’re a PhD student in computer science or related fields such as mathematics and engineering. This program allows you to work on projects that will benefit both Amazon’s customers and the scientific community while working side-by-side with research scientists.

summer internship programs for college students

  • Summer internships for college students
  • Internships for computer science students
  • Best summer internships for college students

internship opportunities for computer science majors

Interning can help you in many ways:

  • Internships give you a chance to explore your career options before you commit to one path. You might discover that a position isn’t right for you, or that the industry doesn’t suit your interests. You also might confirm that a particular career is the right choice for you.
  • Internships provide opportunities to develop new skills and experiences that will make you more marketable to employers. By working closely with experienced professionals, you’ll gain valuable knowledge and insights into the field.
  • An internship helps build your resume—the longer and more varied the better—so it’s easier to find work after graduation. Having experience under your belt can also lead directly to a job offer upon graduation, as employers often look first to their own interns when hiring recent graduates.
  • A good internship gives you practical experience in an actual work environment, so when it comes time for hiring, employers already know what kind of employee they’re getting—no surprises there. Plus solid performance during your internship may impress them enough to offer you a full-time job upon graduation.
  • Internships are great ways to network with people who could have an impact on your future success (or who just might be able to get their hands on free tickets for concerts at Madison Square Garden). Alumni from your university and others in the same field can help open doors post-graduation; meeting with them regularly during internships will help get those potential doors wide open come graduation day.
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many companies provide internships to cse students.

Many companies provide internships to cse students. Most of the companies host their internship program in the month of June-July, however some of them are also conducted in the months from December to February. Some companies which provide good internships are mentioned below:

  • Google summer internship programs for computer science students
  • Microsoft Internship Programs for College Students
  • IBM summer internship programs for college students
  • Amazon Internship Programs for Computer Science Students
  • TCS Summer Internship Program (July 2019)

They offer opportunities in Data Science & Analytics, Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development and many more. Above mentioned companies are the best option but it totally depends on your interest and field what you want to pursue after completing your engineering degree.

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