World Resource Institute Internships

World Resource Institute Internships

If you are interested in a WRI internship, there are several options available to you. The program lasts 10 weeks and can begin at any time between May and October. All applications must be submitted through the WRI Careers website. While the application process is fairly simple, there are several important steps to take before submitting your application. Here are some tips to follow to secure an internship with WRI. Moreover, check out these articles for helpful tips:


Interested in working for a nonprofit organization in a developing country? The WRI is looking for bright interns to work on their MfR projects. Interns must have a degree in a related field, such as public policy, environmental studies, business administration, or organizational management. As a WRI intern, you’ll gain hands-on experience and understand the complexities of working in a large international environment.

The International Climate Initiative at the WRI is looking for an independent and detail-oriented intern to work on its latest climate research. The organization is about to release several research papers and many of these findings will be shared at upcoming international climate change events. An intern with a background in international climate change policy and international environmental law would be an excellent fit for this position. You’d be assisting with climate change negotiations and supporting the organization’s events.

Interns will report to the Communications Manager, Water, and develop outreach strategies for publications, social media, email newsletters, and presentations. Interns will also be able to access mentorship and learn about WRI’s global communications network. For the best results, apply now! All internships are unique! So, what are you waiting for? Get started! We’ve gathered a list of the top five WRI internships for recent college graduates.

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Interns can choose between two programs. Sustainability and Operations internships require students to work full time during summer. You’ll contribute to sustainability initiative purchasing projects, campaigns, and supply chain research. And there’s the WRI Economics Intern program for the goal-oriented student. Either program will allow you to gain valuable experience in energy, food, and ecosystems research. You’ll learn about data collection and analysis while gaining experience in strategic communications.

International Climate Initiative

The International Climate Initiative at the World Resource Institute is seeking a detail-oriented, independent intern to assist the team with various projects. Many of the research findings will be presented at upcoming events related to climate change and international policy. As part of the project, the intern will also support the work of the Low Emissions Development Strategies Global Partnership’s Transport Working Group, which supports policymaking efforts in Peru. The intern will also help to coordinate meetings and events, and will be involved in the process of international climate change policy and negotiations.

The International Climate Initiative offers interns a variety of internship opportunities in the United States and abroad. Interns in the United States may work in the organization’s offices in Ethiopia, Sao Paolo, Washington, Beijing, or Hague. The internship program educates students about the issues surrounding climate change and sustainability and aims to empower people to help combat the problem of climate change. Students may apply for internships in any of these locations, depending on their area of study.

Interns at the WRI must have U.S. work authorization. Internships are usually three to six months in length. The duration of an internship varies, depending on the needs of the intern and the location of the organization. In some cases, an internship at the World Resource Institute can last up to six months. A successful candidate should also have a master’s degree in the relevant field and have good interpersonal skills.

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The World Resources Institute is an independent global research organization. The organization works on issues related to climate change and the preservation of natural resources around the world. Interns interested in becoming part of this mission should have a bachelor’s degree. The intern will be involved in a variety of activities such as reporting, supporting management, and collecting stories and videos. There are many opportunities available, and the Institute strives to recruit a diverse group of candidates.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

A World Resource Institute internship in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning will allow you to build upon your existing knowledge of these fields. In this position, you will develop and refine your skills in the areas of research, data management, and writing. You will also gain experience providing technical assistance to a project team. To be considered for this internship, you must have graduate-level course work in social science research methods.

Interested in working with WRI’s MfR team? The WRI is seeking bright students for internship positions. Interns will work with development foundations, government teams, and corporate relations teams. In addition to gaining invaluable experience, interns will also gain an understanding of how large international organizations work. Those interested in learning how to improve the quality of life for people in developing nations will benefit from this internship.

For the most part, WRI internships are online and remote. You will work remotely with the organization, though you’ll have the opportunity to attend a Washington, D.C. office. You’ll receive a laptop to use throughout the internship. To apply, you’ll need to submit a resume and cover letter. Apply to the internship by submitting them through the WRI Careers portal.

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As a Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Associate, you’ll support the overall Clean Air Catalyst project, including individual buy-in activities. You’ll work closely with the Project Director and early-career MEL experts, as well as the WRI’s India and Indonesia offices. Your primary goal will be to coordinate the monitoring, evaluation, and learning deliverables and demonstrate the impact of your efforts on the host organization.

The WRI Ross Center for Sustainable Cities is another example of an internship in the field of urban planning and environmental policy. The Ross Center focuses on a cross-sector approach in selected megacities on two continents. Interns working on the Ross Center for Urban Planning will gain valuable knowledge about urban planning and sustainability while providing targeted assistance to fifty urban areas. This type of internship will bring benefits to the cities through increased economic growth, environmental health, and social wellbeing.

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A World Resource Institute (WRI) internship is a great opportunity for those interested in climate change and environmental policy. Interns at the organization will help to improve and create the GHG Protocol, the world’s leading accounting tool for greenhouse gas emissions. The GHG Protocol provides the accounting framework for nearly every global standard on GHG emissions, as well as hundreds of individual companies’ inventories. A typical intern at WRI can expect to earn up to $85,000 a year.

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