Writing Internships In New York City

Writing Internships In New York City

There are many options available to you when it comes to finding Writing Internships In New York City. You can find both unpaid and paid writing internships. There are also deadlines for applications and programs that you can apply for. In this article, we’ll provide you with tips and resources for finding the best writing internships in the city. Read on to discover the best options for you! Here are some of the best writing internships in the city, so you can start your application process and start gaining professional experience in your chosen field.


Looking for an unpaid writing internship in New York City? The Broome County Clerk’s office is hiring an undergraduate intern to create educational videos and increase social media presence. While this internship is not paid, the work can be included in your resume or professional portfolio. Whether you’re a college student or an English major, these opportunities are sure to enhance your skills. Listed below are some of the most notable opportunities in New York City.

Film and TV production are another great option for unpaid internships in New York City. Film and video game production are common in this city, and its iconic skyline serves as the backdrop for countless video games. You’ll have the opportunity to intern in a field that is always buzzing with new projects. Other great industries for internships include government, IT, marketing, and science. There’s a wide variety of internships to choose from, so be sure to look around!

While the federal government does not impose any specific rules for unpaid writing internships in New York City, many states have their own guidelines. While the federal government’s guidelines are generally flexible, many states have more rigid requirements. For instance, some states make a seven-point test mandatory. Even so, you should always check with your state before hiring an intern to ensure that it’s not a violation of law.

As with any type of internship, an unpaid internship is different from an employee. While unpaid internships may give you invaluable professional experience, they may not motivate you to work your hardest for free. Moreover, unpaid internships aren’t a trial period. Most employers will consider unpaid interns as employees if they hire them for an extended period. For this reason, it is better to opt for a paid internship rather than an unpaid one.

An unpaid internship can be beneficial for both the employer and the intern. It allows students to gain practical experience in their chosen field and offers a glimpse into a working environment. Additionally, unpaid interns provide an additional set of hands to a company, which can help with a new project. However, there are risks associated with unpaid internships. Therefore, it is best to take legal counsel when seeking an internship.


If you’re a recent college graduate looking for a paid writing internship in New York City, there are several opportunities that you can take advantage of. As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, it’s easy to meet people from different cultural backgrounds, so this opportunity is ideal for international students. New Yorkers speak English as a first language, so you’ll likely be working with native speakers.

The city is well-known for film production, and it’s often the backdrop for video games. Many famous movie producers and actors call New York City home. This industry is always a hotbed for new opportunities. Other great industries to look into include IT, government, marketing, and science. Paid writing internships in New York City are great ways to gain valuable training and experience in the media industry. To get started, simply visit the website listed below.

There are thousands of companies in the New York area looking for interns. While you may have to travel for a few hours each day, the experience is well worth the commute. Thousands of organizations in the city are looking for writers who can make a difference in their company’s bottom line. And while this can be a challenge, writing internships in New York City can help you gain valuable career skills in a fast-paced environment.

Application deadlines

If you’re looking for a paid writing internship, there are some deadlines you should be aware of. Marie Claire is currently hiring for spring 2020 and early January. Spectrum NY1 is offering several internships, including digital, assignment desk, and Live At 10 and Noon. Other options include operations, editing, and marketing. Quanta Magazine is hiring a writing intern for the spring 2020 semester. While applying for a writing internship in New York City, you should consider several factors.

One of the most important things you should consider when applying for writing internships is your resume content. You must have a high quality resume with relevant content and well-written bullet points to impress the hiring managers. The more professional your resume is, the better your chances of landing a writing internship in New York City. Ensure that your writing samples and portfolio are in order, as well as that they are formatted correctly.

Some companies hire interns on a rolling basis. For unpaid internships, apply as early as possible; most companies begin hiring in the fall before the internship. Some internships may have specific seasons for which they seek interns, so keep this in mind when applying. If you’re looking for paid writing internships in New York City, make sure you contact the office’s Intern Coordinator at least six months before you wish to begin.

In addition to submitting your resume, cover letter, and transcript, you should also upload a sample of legal writing (up to 10 pages), three references’ contact information, and a photo of yourself. Make sure to mention that you are interested in applying for the program and that you’re willing to work 7 to 35 hours per week. Remember, it’s easier to apply online. Make sure to upload all of your materials to the portal so you don’t miss a deadline.

Programs to apply for

Writing internships in New York City are an excellent way to gain valuable experience in the field. These paid positions allow interns to apply their writing skills and develop their portfolio. These opportunities are also great for students who are looking to develop their writing skills further. Listed below are some programs to apply for in the city. You can read the details of each internship here:

While there are a variety of writing internships in the city, not all are approved for academic credit, and you should always check with the company first. While writing internships in New York City may be time-consuming, they will help you develop essential career skills. Some programs may also require a 30-minute commute. The best programs for writing internships in New York City will teach you how to communicate with clients in a clear, concise, and creative way.

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office has a program that is aimed at high school and college students. Applicants must have a GPA of at least 3.0, have prior volunteer or paid work experience, and live in Manhattan. Applicants must be a resident of Manhattan and be current high school sophomores, junior, or senior. Application deadlines are in March and April. The program will be offered during the summer before a student’s junior year and will require a high school diploma or GED.

The RBC Internship Program is a unique opportunity that orients interns to the finance industry while offering a diverse peer network. Interns will gain valuable experience by managing a team of developers and developing new products. This internship program also teaches interns about the business side of a magazine. Interns will gain insights into the inner workings of this industry and contribute to its publications and website.

The Foreign Policy Council is another great place to find a writing internship. Interns work in a diverse and inclusive environment and receive competitive hourly wages. Interns will be exposed to international policy experts and gain valuable experience and professional development training. The Robina Franklin Williams Internship Program and the Blavatnik Internship Program are two such opportunities. All three programs will provide valuable hands-on experience in the field of international relations and global policy.

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